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Preliminary Musings about American Fascism

15 November 2016

American fascism has arrived in D.C., but it’s hard to pin down.

Its leader is a narcissistic powermonger who more or less lacks ideology—he’s a showman with nothing to fight for or against other than his generalized Id.

Its brain is the fascist, white nationalist, racist far right, embodied in Bannon.

Its body is the already extremely far right and now compliant, and without conscience Republican Party, who are bending over and obeying the new head of their party. These are the ayn rand conservatives and the libertarians and the small government conservatives who have used far-right energy to maintain their power, but who have no lost control of the ship.

The energy and fists are an uneasy alliance between on one hand the racist white supremacist neo-fascist movements and the KKK; and on the other hand, far-right Christian evangelicals and their particular brand of Christian nationalism.

Combine all this with Trump’s greed (see: giving security clearance to his children who will be running the global corporations of the Trump family), and you have…

… something we’ve never seen before. It’s definitely in the fascist zone, but with two different central kinds of fascism (one racial, one religious). The market and military remanders of the GOP are still in the mix. And the charismatic leader has no ideology.

In some ways this is far more scary than Hitler ever was. With Hitler, we knew EXACTLY what he wanted and what he believed. Here, we just have a swirling mass of unrestrained anger, hatred, resentment, and the sociopathy of the formerly establishment GOP. Where the fuck is this heading?


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